April 2009

Going green isn’t a trend anymore, it’s the way of our future. The McRae Agency is thrilled to be representing clients such as K3, American Insulock Inc. and Solatube International Inc., all of whom provide eco-friendly products. Check out their Web sites to learn more…

(San Diego, April 23, 2009): The McRae Agency, a full-service public relations agency, continues to grow its green portfolio with the latest addition of two eco-friendly clients – the K3, from Kinesis Industries Inc. LLC, and American Insulock Inc. Having represented brands in the green industry since 1997, The McRae Agency is excited to continue promoting environmental awareness with the addition of these clients.

Using solar or wind power, or a combination of both, the K3 has the ability to charge mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and many other small electronics, minimizing the need for multiple electricity-guzzling wall chargers. The K3 (www.kinesisindustries.com) can be used as a disaster-relief device, as well as a power resource that can be taken anywhere – from the beach to the airport, campgrounds to the mountains – to make everyday life easier by reducing the inconvenient need for electrical outlets, as well as reducing each user’s carbon footprint.

American Insulock (www.insulock.com) is the world leader in manufacturing and distributing eco-friendly polyurethane blocks for commercial and residential building, called Insulock Blocks. Insulock building blocks offer builders and homeowners an energy-efficient material that reduces carbon footprints, improves the interior environment and reduces material waste. Most recently, Insulock blocks were approved by Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation for use in the rebuilding of structures in the Lower 9th Ward that were destroyed by hurricane Katrina.

Utilizing best practices based on experience, The McRae Agency will work with K3 and Insulock to devise and implement local, regional and national PR campaigns through a combination of traditional and social media tactics.

The McRae Agency has substantial experience in the green arena, working on projects throughout the years dealing with sustainability, energy conservation, supporting local farmers and promoting LEED® construction projects in Southern California. Currently, the agency is working with Solatube International Inc. (www.solatube.com) to promote energy efficiency through its Daylighting Systems (Tubular Daylighting Devices) and Solar Star® attic ventilation fans.

Established in 1995, The McRae Agency is a leading boutique public relations agency with offices in San Diego and Scottsdale, Arizona (Phoenix). The McRae Agency specializes in a variety of industries, including green products, consumer goods (from food and beverage to home improvement and building products); retail and shopping centers; business-to-business; real estate, architecture, construction and design; restaurant and hospitality; education; and technology. For more information, please visit mcraeagency.com.



Ever get that feeling like you don’t have enough hands to do all the things you want to in one day? With all that PR people are expected to do these days (come up with creative publicity stunts, write news release after news release, maintain relationships with the media, keep clients happy with reports on everything, stay on top of all the news going on in the world, update client twitter and facebook pages, etc.) it begins to get a little overwhelming at times  – especially when you’ve got a small team like ours.

But that’s where efficiency comes in.  We’ve got to be smart about how we use our time in order to get the most done in a day. And since we can’t realistically have eight arms, here are some ways to channel your inner octopus:

  • Close your email. We often get distracted by incoming newsletters, ongoing email conversations that you get cc’d on and other non-urgent requests. Try just checking in once every hour or two and responding as appropriate. Then you won’t be bothered when you have a short amount of time to finish that urgent project or brainstorm creative ideas.
  • Create folders in Outlook where newsletters will automatically be filtered to so they won’t clutter your inbox and you can browse them all together when you have some free time.
  • Use sites like Ping.fm to post status updates to all your social networking sites including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook all at the same time.
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds and Google Alerts. If there are certain topics you are tracking in the news, you can filter out all other news articles that you don’t need to read. Plus, new articles will come directly to you as they become available rather than having to search them out.
  • Budget your time like you budget your money. Set aside chunks of time to complete each task you have on your to-do list. When you start a project knowing you’ve only allotted yourself 30 minutes to complete it, you are likely to be more efficient with your time rather than spending it daydreaming about upcoming weekend activities. You could alternatively set mini deadlines for each task.

How do you channel YOUR inner octopus to maximize time at work? I welcome comments below!